Recent Workshop on Sustainability and Climate-Related Financial Disclosures: IFRS S1 and IFRS S2

Training Workshops

We provide training and support to enable organizations and businesses to understand and comply with disclosure and reporting regulations using local and global and local standards.

We train virtually and On-site in person

Our trainings are specialized to meet the needs of:

  • Investors

  • Organizations

  • Corporations and Businesses

  • Cities and Regional Governments

Alberta Emission Management and Climate Resilience Act
  • Specified Gas Reporting Regulation

    • Measuring,

    • Reporting

    • Tracking

  • Technology Innovation and Emission Reduction Regulation (TIER)

    • Validation and Verification

    • Carbon Pricing

    • Carbon Credit

    • Carbon Trading


Our training are specialized to enable reporting entities meeting requirements and enable investors understand and utilize the reports

  • IFRS S1: General Sustainability-Related Disclosure Requirements

  • IFRS S2: Climate-Related Disclosure Requirements

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Disclosure, Reporting, Verification and GHG Protocol
  • GHG Protocol

    • Scope 1

    • Scope 2

    • Scope 3

  • ISO 14064-1

  • ISO 14064-2

  • ISO 14064-3

  • TCFD

Carbon Credit and Carbon Pricing
  • Carbon Pricing Standards and Methodologies

  • Alberta Emission Offset System

  • Alberta Emission Offset Registry.

  • Carbon Trading Platforms

Reduction Planning
  • Strategy and Planing for NetZero

  • Organizational Capacity Development

  • Sustainability Planning

Climate-Related Scenario Analysis
  • Risk and Opportunity Analysis

  • Climate-Related Scenario Analysis.

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